Production Engineer 生产工艺计划工程师
Production Engineer 生产工艺计划工程师
苏州工业园区 | 2年以上经验
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  • 电子工程师/技术员
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  • 职位职责:
    Responsible for production administration, product process, and system cabinet customerization

    1. production administration
    * Arrange daily production plan according to forecast and sales order
    * Develope direct labor plan based on forecast
    * Create work order, track, and complete it in MRP system
    * Track daily production status, and adjust the product plan if needs

    2. Product process
    * Product BOM maintenance and modification( ECO) implementation
    * Product work instruction creation and update based on procedure
    * Product tact time collection and standard work hour tracking
    * Continuous improvement
    * Operator training
    * New product introduction

    3. Inverter/UPS system cabinet customerization
    * Create process and BOM according to customer needs
    * Coach operator/technician to build system cabinet

    * Bachelor degree in Electronics/Electricity/Automatic/ Mechatronics engineering or related educational background.
    Understand electric schematic / electricity diagram and basic mechanical drawing
    * 2 years working experience in electronic product factory
    * Ability to learn fast
    * Multitask /Independence and team player
    * Good English skills both in written and oral English
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  • 信息与电子类>电子工程
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  • 通信(设备/运营/增值)
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