Factory Manager
Factory Manager
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  • 工厂经理/厂长
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  • 岗位职责:
    Suzhou factory operations including:
    1) Staff utilization and efficiency.
    2) Assessment and disposition of non-conforming material and product.
    3) Report, prioritize and manage opportunities for improvement based on analysis of factual data such as SPC, audit results, internal concerns, capability indices, etc.
    4) Delivery performance and Manufacturing Past-due figures.
    5) Ensure quality product is produced on time at the lowest cost practical.
    6) Evaluate staffing levels for current and future business requirements.
    7) Monitor and report on Production Attendance Levels.
    8) Ensure effective use of the Business System and identify areas of improvement.
    9) Provision of Management Reports.
    10) Development of subordinates.
    11) Encourage team working and good communication within the Suzhou Factory and other departments of Operations.

    1) Continuous analysis of critical quality features, yield data, quality costs, audit results, etc. Produce regular reports to management team and promote awareness throughout the plant.
    2) Continuous analysis and process improvement of company and departmental policies, standards and procedures in order to achieve goals and objectives.
    3) romote the use and understanding of statistical techniques throughout the plant.
    4) Assist and support all departments through validation, verification, development and analysis of projects, customer product and machine performance.
    5) Provide internal and external customers with leading edge quality solutions through continuous evaluation and implementation of new technologies based on factual data as well as being cost effective.
    6) Co-ordinate manufacturing department efforts with all departments to meet project schedules.
    7) Develop manufacture department personnel by performance evaluation and appraisals, identifying internal and external training and performing salary reviews.
    8) Assist in identifying and developing educational programs related to continuous improvement of products, processes and services throughout the plant.
    9) Promote a continuous improvement culture through team working activities.
    10) Responsible for Key Personnel activities regards the aforementioned mentioned personnel that enable them to meet individual, departmental and Company goals and objectives.
    11) Responsibly for ensuring that resources are available to manufacture quality products at the required time to achieve the business targets and objectives.
    12) Responsible for the achievement of Key Business Objectives through the utilizations and implementation of good manufacturing practice and techniques.

    3. Other tasks assigned by Supervisor
    Hard qualification:
    - Bachelor’s degree in mechanical, electrical or manufacturing discipline.
    - 8 years experience in a similar role within a high volume-manufacturing environment.

    1. In depth knowledge of statistical techniques and quality improvement tools.
    2. Sound understanding of ISO9000 and ISO 14001 with the ability to audit all areas of system requirements.
    3. Lead auditor trained.
    4. Computer literacy; familiar with Windows operating systems and office applications such as Word, Excel, and Power-point.
    5. Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills.
    6. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
    7. Analytical and logical thinker
    8. Strong leader and manager with ability to motivate people at all levels.
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