RD Engineer产品开发工程师
RD Engineer产品开发工程师
苏州工业园区 | 无需经验
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  • 化工技术应用/化工工程师
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  • 岗位职责:
    1. Plan, design, and conduct research projects according to established scientific methods, principles, and theories to solve problems; and improve, or generate new tapes, components, equipments, systems, and processes;
    2. Building models and prototypes;
    3. Estimate the costs, resources, and time required to conduct one or more research projects and monitor the performance of these projects to ensure targets are met;
    4. Develop and maintain technical expertise on advances and innovations in research and science;
    5. An understanding of how to access and use technical information that includes patents, technical papers, trade journal articles etc; research relevant patents, analyze and draft summaries of patent scopes and their impact on research strategies, raw material choice and product design;
    1. University degree/Bachelor or above in Material Science, Chemistry or Chemical Engineering, or other relevant fields;
    2. 3+ years job experience in related industries such as coatings, adhesive, tape development or other relevant materials science background are preferred;
    3. Experience in adhesive development or product development on optical clear adhesives is advantage.
    4. Fluent oral English skills and good communication ability;
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  • 外商独资、外企办事处
  • 石油/石化/化工
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  • 苏州工业园区钟南街451号