Senior Chemist 有机合成
Senior Chemist 有机合成
上海 | 3年以上经验
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  • 化工技术应用/化工工程师
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    1.Take the key role of new products and molecular introduction, closely work with cross functions teams of multi Business-lines during products prototype development stage, therefore support Operation and Supply chain etc., teams to ensure flawless execution of NPI Process & Procedure for new products and molecular commercialization, from Asia team of Global Process Research perspective;
    2.Take the positive role for Products innovation and provide expertise support from chemistry and synthesis aspects. Work with product technology and Marketing teams for new product prototype development and synthesis route of target molecular, for sharpening business competition and fulfill customer’s diversity requirements;
    3.Comprehensive knowledge and theory in various chemical analytical technologies of GC, GC/MS, LC/MS, NMR, ICP/OES, GPC etc., to support R&D and business needs, including reverse engineering, trouble-shooting & Root-cause analysis and souring etc., build strong connections with Business and Asia Operation teams;
    4.Experimental study for existing product Update & Defense to support Business requirement and achieve “Share-gain”;
    5.Technology scouting for novel products and process in associate business;
    6.Positively deliver technological training to junior team members, share knowledge or working experiences with others in chemistry and analytical aspects.

    1.Organic Chemistry, Chemistry or Chemical Engineering education background, with working experience in associate chemical industries;
    2.Excellent chemistry, chemical engineering and process knowledge and skills, especially in Organic synthesis, chemical reactions and reaction engineering etc.;
    3.Advance knowledge and skills of working under different dimensions, from laboratory, pilot plant to commercial manufacturing facilities;
    4.Good practice and advance knowledge of EHSQ area;
    5.Strong personality of Execution capacity/Results driven/Will to help, to work closely with cross-functions team of different Business lines;
    6.Advanced knowledges and skill of DOE for synthesis experiments, and deep understanding about analytical methods, including GC, GC/LC-MS, IR, ICP, NMR etc.;

    1. M.S degree of Organic Chemistry or Chemistry, Ph.D. will be preferred;
    2. Teamwork spirit for closely work with different function teams;
    3. Well-organized personality with Self-driven and cool minded in stressful situation;
    4. Excellent in oral and writing English.

    M.S degree with minimum 3 working years for the industries areas of Organic chemistry, chemistry, Pharmaceutical synthesis, fine chemistry etc.
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