R&D Engineer产品开发工程师
R&D Engineer产品开发工程师
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  • 涂料研发工程师
  • 应届毕业生
  • 全职
  • 2
  • 岗位职责:
    1. Plan, design, and conduct research projects according to established scientific methods, principles, and theories to solve problems; and improve, or generate new tapes, components, equipments, systems, and processes.
    2. Calculating and analyzing test results and preparing detailed reports with recommendations and conclusions.
    3. Estimate the costs, resources, and time required to conduct one or more research projects and monitor the performance of these projects to ensure targets are met.
    4. Being a project leader/member to ensure good project management of all technical aspects allowing timescales to be set and progress to be monitored closely.
    5. Develop and maintain technical expertise on advances and innovations in research and science;
    6. An understanding of how to access and use technical information that includes patents, technical papers, trade journal articles etc; research relevant patents, analyze and draft summaries of patent scopes and their impact on research strategies, raw material choice and product design.
    7. Organize/coordinate pilot and production trials including trouble-shooting; sample analysis and trial assessment report.
    8. Follow established 6S procedures; maintain a safe, clean, well ordered working environment;
    1. Master degree in Material Science, Chemistry or Chemical Engineering, or other relevant fields
    2. Good computing competence including being familiar with standard packages such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint;
    3. Good knowledge of project management skills as a beneficial;
    4. Hands-on attitude;Result and quality orientated work process, priority setting;
    5. High communication and self-assertion skills;Good level of reading, written and listening English and reasonable English language speaking capabilities;
    6. Flexible, self motivating, good work organizer, team player
  • 硕士
  • 不限
  • 外商独资、外企办事处
  • 石油/石化/化工
  • 100-199
  • 苏州工业园区钟南街451号